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Shanghai Hao successfully completed the large-scale gearbox for Shanghai General Renovation

Recently, Shanghai Hao Automation Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. has successfully completed the 12-axis large-scale gearbox on the open-top mainframe imported for Italy by Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., which has been delivered to customers.

Shanghai Hao and Shanghai Xinshida Electric reached a friendly cooperation

In order to fully meet the expansion needs of both parties in the development and application market of robot products, Shanghai Xinshida and Shanghai Hao Company will provide mutual supply and demand on the basis of mutual trust and win-win cooperation, and actively explore all-round and in-depth strategic cooperation. .

Senior Chief Engineer of Tianjin COFCO Group visited our company

Tianjin Branch of COFCO Packaging Holdings Co., Ltd. and our company negotiated steel drum equipment. After the two sides reached a consensus, they successfully signed the project contract. And we have affirmed the steel drum manufacturing equipment we have produced and highly praised the electrical control.

Robot riveting

The robot is an advanced riveting equipment developed on the basis of industrial robots. It consists of a robot body, a robot controller and corresponding riveting devices. Its main advantage is that its stability can improve welding quality and productivity,

Dagong computer carrier playback machine

On October 8th, Shanghai Hao Automation has successfully tested the carrier playback machine for Dafeng Computer to provide production efficiency and reduce labor costs. It has been used in production at Dagong Computer and has been well received by customer leaders and field personnel, which will greatly help labor-intensive production in the electronics industry.