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Concentrated runner + RTO system


Principle: After the VOC-containing exhaust gas is adsorbed by the concentrated runner, the clean exhaust gas is directly discharged to the atmosphere. The VOC adsorbed on the surface of the runner is desorbed by hot air and sent to the incineration system for incineration. The area where the high temperature desorption of the runner is cooled by the exhaust gas and then rotated to the adsorption zone to continue to adsorb the VOC material.

The concentration of exhaust gas after desorption can be increased by 3-30 times, and the air volume of exhaust gas is 1/3-1/30 of the original air volume. The load of the incineration system is greatly reduced. The amount of exhaust gas is reduced, the concentration is increased, the fuel consumption during incineration is reduced, energy is saved, and the high-temperature gas incinerated can be recycled for heat energy.

Applicable working conditions: high air volume, low concentration.

Applicable industries: surface coating, electronic semiconductor, petrochemical, textile, ink, etc.