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Three-Tower Regenerative Incinerator (3T-RTO)


Three-Tower Regenerative Incinerator (3T-RTO) - Regenerative incinerator (RTO) is a more mature, stable and effective technology.

Incineration temperature: 800-850 °C

Thermal destruction efficiency: >98%

Heat recovery efficiency: about 95%

Working principle: The exhaust gas containing VOC enters the incineration chamber through the heat storage brick and is incinerated. During the valve switching process, the exhaust gas enters/exits RTO from different heat storage layers, and in the process, the heat is continuously absorbed in the heat storage layer. Heat to achieve the recycling of heat. Higher incineration temperatures result in greater thermal destruction efficiency.

Advantages: The RTO fan simultaneously purges the RTO regenerator, switching valves or residual VOCs in the pipeline. No additional purge tanks or other equipment is required.

● Removal efficiency meets environmental regulations.

● System flexibility to meet a wide range of process conditions and easy control of multiple process exhaust sources.

● Customized thermal storage ceramic layer can provide 95% heat recovery, and its pressure drop is small, reducing the fan power demand.

● Has excellent cost performance.

● The system installation takes a short time.

● Take up less space.

● Reasonable thermal energy utilization

Scope of application: chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, printing, spraying, electronics, coating, rubber, composite materials, carbon fiber and other industries