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Rotary RTO


Principle: The RTO air flow switching device adopts a rotary valve, and the switching between the intake air and the air outlet is achieved by the rotary valve. The rotary valve is used to switch the gas flow direction of each regenerator bed, and is in a stable and slow switching. During the switching process, there is no problem of pressure fluctuation and high concentration airflow bypass.

◆High processing efficiency (99% or more) and heat recovery rate (more than 95%)

◆Low equipment load changes, long life and stability

◆Easy equipment and small footprint.

◆The semi-permanent material is used for the drive part and the heat storage body, and the maintenance cost is low.

◆The heat energy of the heat storage can be maintained for a long time, and the fuel cost can be saved when starting up again.

◆There are few pollution factors and high environmental performance.

Structure: Four-stage (G4/F5/F7/F9) filtration, effectively intercepting paint mist, paint residue, dust and other substances in the exhaust gas. To ensure that the subsequent equipment and systems work well.

Filtration efficiency: particles with a diameter greater than 0.4um, with an efficiency of about 97%-99%.

Scope of application: painting and painting industry, water treatment and filtration, medicine, food and beverage, bulk and fine chemicals, electronics and other industries.