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Shanghai Hao has a department dedicated to robot robots, located in Shanghai University, detailed product information, please check


Contact number: 13651605545

Shanghai Hao provides the following robots: pneumatic manipulators, forging manipulators, power manipulators, spray robots and other industrial robots (click on the corresponding product name to see more product information)

JiSheng Industrial robot introduction

JiSheng Industrial manipulators skillfully use the principle of balance of force, using air pressure to balance the weight of the hoist and the weight of the load, so that the load is suspended in the air as if it lost weight. An operator can easily take off, move, turn, lean forward, and roll over the weight, and quickly and accurately place the load in the set position. It enables almost all manual material handling processes to be faster, more accurate and safer. It is becoming an indispensable equipment for modern industry.

Shanghai has a wide range of automated and semi-automated robots and balance cranes to provide you with tailor-made solutions.

Robot features:

·All pneumatically

· Move up, down, left and right without jog operation

· Its lifting is a curved motion in three dimensions

· Built-in weight sensing system

·The operating force is very small

·The workpiece does not shake when working, which improves the positioning accuracy.

Unique safety considerations: When the origin is interrupted, there is a safety device that prevents the workpiece from falling down. It has the function of automatically detecting the presence or absence of a workpiece, and has the function of preventing excessive turbulence caused by excessive air volume, and has a brake system that prevents arbitrary rotation and drift.