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Logistics storage equipment


JiSheng according to the requirements of customers, we can design and customize the most suitable logistics and storage equipment for you, providing you with efficient and convenient logistics and warehousing.

· Shelf: A common tool for storing items, such as light/medium/heavy/attic/through.

·Steel structure platform: Effective use of warehouse space to improve storage efficiency. The structure is firm and durable, the appearance is beautiful, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, suitable for the storage of electronic equipment, hardware tools, mechanical parts, packaging materials and the like.

·Three-dimensional warehouse: space three-dimensional, can use space efficiently, improve warehouse utilization rate; save human resources, rationalize inventory management; safely store, effectively control logistics process, save time and speed, improve efficiency of storage.

·Logistics Center: The functions of storage, sorting, packaging, loading and unloading, etc. after the goods are stored in the warehouse are completed in the logistics center, suitable for retail, medicine, machinery, electronics, tobacco and other industries. The reasonable combination of various conveying equipment and storage equipment makes the logistics efficiency more efficient.

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