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Double speed chain conveyor


JiSheng Double-speed chain conveyor line is mainly used in product assembly and transportation operations. It is also widely used in transportation systems and unmanned operation sites in other industries, and can be used as an important peripheral device for temporary storage and logistics. Easy to use. Applications mainly involve the assembly, assembly, inspection, commissioning and conveying flow of small and medium-sized home appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, mechanical and electrical products, instrumentation, hardware tools, toys, household chemicals and food products.

Line width
250mm-900mm, can be selected by the customer
Line length
Single-segment drive up to 30-40m, selected by the customer
Line height
Generally 750mm, range 500-1000mm, selected by the customer
transfer speed
2-20 m / min
Chain form
Chain and roller transfer constant speed - double pitch roller chain
Chain and roller transmit differential-differential chain (2.5x and 3x)
Tooling board type
Steel plate, engineering plastic plate, wood board, nylon, etc.
Frame material
Aluminum profiles, carbon steel, etc.
With point setting
Conductive wheel is arranged in the wire body, and a conductive row is arranged on the tooling plate, which can realize charged transmission to complete the debugging test function.
power supply
Single phase 220V three phase 380V 50HZ (customer selected)