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Hanging chain conveyor line


JiSheng Suspension chain conveyor line can design reasonable process lines according to user requirements, and achieve continuous delivery of items between the workshop, workshop and workshop at an ideal speed, thus achieving automated and semi-automated assembly line operations.

JiSheng Hanging chain conveyor line can be arranged in any space in three dimensions, can play the role of air storage, save the ground use site, and is widely used in all walks of life.

Track length

Up to 300m, more than 300m requires 2 power units

Line height

Variable, selected by the customer

transfer speed

Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation

Basket spacing

Customer selection

Load (single weight kg)

8kgThe chain pitch is 150mm and the load weight is 8kg.

Chain pitch is 200mm, load weight 30kg

Chain pitch is 300mm, load weight is 60kg