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Plate chain conveyor


JiSheng The flat-type conveying line is a kind of conveying mode of circular reciprocating conveying operation with metal plate, aluminum alloy panel or other materials such as PVC as the conveying medium. It adopts electromagnetic speed regulation or variable frequency speed regulation for conveying speed control. The structure is reasonable and compact, the appearance is beautiful, and the process requirements of modern product production and assembly flow operation are realized, which provides an indispensable guarantee for the development scale efficiency of the enterprise.

Line width

50mm-1200mm, can be selected by customers

Line height

50mm-1200mm, can be selected by customers

Line length

800-40000mm, can be selected by the customer

Plate chain spacing

Selected by the customer, generally equal to the pitch of the chain used

Plate material

Stainless steel, engineering plastics, etc.; can be galvanized, chrome-plated, coated, etc.

Plate chain function

Can be transported at noon and can stand, can be installed fixtures, molds, etc., can be fixed at a speed of 0.5-10 m / min, set by the customer, electronic speed control or frequency control

Frame material

Selected by the customer

power supply

Single phase 220V three phase 380V 50HZ (customer selected)