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Lift lifter (can be customized)

1. round trip lift

It is divided into light and heavy. It uses pallets to lift goods back and forth between the upper and lower floors. The floor space is small, and the process is simpler than the contact lift. It is suitable for users who do not require high speed.

Lifting speed
Maximum 30 m / min, variable frequency shifting, starting and stopping as a deceleration zone
Input and output speed
20 m / min
Selected by the customer
using electric
Single phase 220V three phase 380V 50HZ (customer selected)


2. continuous lift

The basic form is any combination of Z type, C type, F type and EZC. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high conveying rate, strong versatility, reliable work and convenient use and maintenance. It is a comprehensive conveyor for horizontal conveyors and vertical lifts. It is widely used in factories, warehouses, terminals and ports to transport various cargo boxes vertically.

Types of
Chain elevator and accumulating lift
Up to 200kg items
20 meters/min (fixed speed)
Import and export need to have synchronous conveyor line interface


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