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Belt conveyor line


Belt conveyor lines are widely used in home appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, injection molding, post and telecommunications, printing, food and other industries. It is inseparable from the assembly, inspection, commissioning, packaging and transportation of objects. The line body can be selected according to the process requirements, such as ordinary continuous operation, cycle operation, variable speed operation, etc.; the line body can be selected from straight lines, slopes, curved lines, etc. according to local conditions.

Line width

According to customer requirements

Line height

According to customer requirements

Frame structure material

Aluminum alloy profiles, custom carbon steel profiles

Anti-static measures


Speed regulation

Electronic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation, stepless speed regulation, stepping and program control

Station configuration

Guide bookshelf, power socket, pneumatic quick connector, hanging rail, exhaust system engineering, etc.

power supply

Single phase 220V three phase 380v 50HZ (customer selected)


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