Company Culture

Corporate culture overview

Ji Sheng Corporate culture is the value of deaf people. The core of its values is “based on innovation and dedication”. It is a characteristic cultural system gradually formed in the course of development in the past ten years.

Ji Sheng Corporate culture aims at market breakthroughs, relying on high and new technology, rigorous and solid concept, and creating good economic and social benefits through high-quality products and excellent after-sales service; Nothing, small to large, and constant innovation and development.


Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy: quality-oriented, innovation and technology as the guide, advance with the times, create new products, and contribute to society;

Business philosophy: strive for the harmonious growth of the company's efficiency and social value;

Marketing concept: establish a corporate image and create a company brand; there is no market in the off-season, only the idea of off-season;

The concept of doing things: hard and solid, commitment to integrity, practical and effective;

Talent concept: high-quality platform, good atmosphere, let you be wonderful;

Employee concept: Loyal to the company, loyal to the profession, loyal to personality.


The embodiment of corporate culture

For customers: to provide quality products, to be sincere and to serve customers with all their heart and soul;

For employees: trust and respect the opinions of employees, establish a sense of belonging, share success, and achieve a harmonious and win-win situation;

For suppliers: to establish mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with suppliers that strive to improve quality and quality, sincerity and trustworthiness, and create benefits for the company, and grow together with the company;

For the society: Be a responsible team for the society and create value for the society.

Corporate logo meaning

Ji Sheng overall from Italy: hope growing business vision, When the blog of lofty ideas, the pioneers of the development trend, through continuous efforts to lead the field of manufacturing automation, complete corporate mission.