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Fully automatic medium speed and high speed steel barrel seam welding machine


Fully automatic medium speed and high speed steel barrel seam welding machine:

The equipment is an important equipment for the production of metal barrels. Its working principle belongs to the range of resistance welding: after the workpiece is combined, the pressure is applied through the electrodes, and the contact area of ??the steel plate overlaps and the adjacent area generates resistance heat, thereby forming a A series of welded nuggets are obtained to obtain a hermetic weld. The welding power supply of the equipment adopts the intermediate frequency (1000Hz) inverter DC low-power power supply, and the electrical control is assembled by imported originals. After the aging test, the welding is more stable. The steel plate can be automatically loaded, and after entering the seam welding machine to make a cylindrical shape, no spot welding is required, that is, seam welding and rolling of the longitudinal welding seam of the steel barrel, no wave shape of the weld seam is generated, and the weld quality is improved. Cut the tongue at the same time.

The main technical parameters

1. Rated power: 240kVA 380 V 50 Hz (medium frequency inverter DC, 1000Hz)

2. Primary welding current: 90-110A (ultra low power consumption)

3. Productivity: no less than 6 pieces / min, (360 barrels / hour); up to 12 pieces / min (720).

4. Inner diameter of welding barrel: φ560~φ571.5 mm (200L-208L set of setting wheel is convenient to complete)

4. Welding barrel height: 750 ~ 1050 mm

5. Blank thickness: 0.6~1.5 mm, diagonal error is not more than 1mm, parallel side error is not more than 0.5mm.

6. Stable compressed air pressure: 0.65 Mpa

7. Cooling water: 120L/min, inlet water temperature ≤23±2°C.

Main components configuration (all imported original)

Logic controller (PLC) SIEMENS (Siemens, Germany)

Touch screen WEINVIEW (Wellen, Taiwan)

Transformer LMD (domestic quality)

Motor WANSENIN (Taiwan Wanxin) (performance index 2, green energy saving)

Frequency converter DELTA (Taiwan Delta)

Welding controller LMD (domestic quality)

IGBT (inverter) FUJI (Japan Fuji)

Rectifier diode Swiss ABB

Aerodynamic component SMC (Japan)

Solenoid valve, triple piece, etc. MINDMAN (Taiwan gold or SMC)

Electric power, Japan, black diamond

Contactor Schneider