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Coating production line for steel drum equipment


Steel drum outer coating production line

table of Contents

1. Production line equipment layout

2, production line equipment composition

3. Introduction to production line performance and features

4. Introduction of key equipment

5, system configuration


1. Production line equipment layout

2, production line equipment composition

★ 1 set of steel drum preheating furnace (vertical)

★ 1 set of water curtain spray booth

★ Steel drum outer coating equipment (vertical) 4 sets

★ One-step continuous transfer painting booth 1

★ 15 sets of painting system

★ 1 set of leveling room

★ 1 set of exhaust system

★ 1 set of complete line electrical control system

3. Introduction to production line performance and features

★ The production line has a small footprint, and the length and width are 13m×6.85m;

★ The water curtain type spray booth is composed of chamber body, water tank, stainless steel water curtain board, water circulation system and exhaust filter system. It can effectively prevent the waste paint from being discharged and pollute the environment while the workpiece is sprayed normally.

★ Spraying with Nordson atomizing spray method: this method is highly efficient, saves paint and can improve the spraying environment to some extent.

★ Stepping chain line adopts translation mode, stable transportation and accurate positioning, which is beneficial for spraying

★ The hot air circulation of the preheating furnace adopts the internal circulation mode. The temperature inside the furnace is uniform, and the natural gas combustion products are clean. After passing through the filter, the air cleanliness requirements of the product can be met, and the consumption cost is low, and the gas consumption is:

★ The wind collecting device can prevent the hot air from fleeing in the furnace to a certain extent, avoiding the heating of the workshop.

★ High production capacity; 720 pieces/H;

★ High degree of automation: automatic movement control of barrel lid movement, spray gun spraying and furnace temperature control

4. Introduction of key equipment

4.1 steel drum preheating furnace system

The preheating furnace is preheating the surface of the steel drum before painting, and is used for drying the residual moisture on the surface of the barrel, and at the same time making the surface temperature of the steel drum uniform and improving the quality of the painting. It consists of furnace body, heating system, conveying system, air curtain device, exhaust gas exhaust device and electronic control system.

The energy in the heating system includes electricity, natural gas, steam, oil, and the like. Can be selected according to the actual situation of the customer.


Energy type

Common curing temperature / °C

Scope of application

main feature



Dewatering, preheating, and curing of low temperature drying coatings

Reliable use of temperature <90 °C heat source with low operating costs and simple system control



Direct combustion is suitable for coatings with low decorative requirements; indirect heating (or high temperature filter filtration) is suitable for curing of most coatings

Heat source operating costs are lower, but the system investment is relatively high. High system control and management requirements



Direct combustion is suitable for coatings with low decorative requirements; indirect heating is suitable for curing of most coatings

Heat source operating costs are lower, but the system investment is relatively high. High system control and management requirements

Electric energy


Suitable for curing most coatings

The operating environment is clean and the control accuracy is high, but the operating cost is high, and the plant electrical load is high.

Considering the operating cost and the shape of the steel drum, it is recommended that the preheating furnace adopts the method of natural gas or steam heating + hot air circulation, the running cost is low, and the temperature in the furnace is uniform.

The company's hot air circulation preheating furnace system has the following characteristics:

1. The furnace body has good heat preservation and sealing performance, and the furnace body adopts the assembled heat insulation wall board to form a totally sealed overall structure. The insulation material is formed by high-quality rock wool mechanism; the preheating temperature is 60 ° C, and the insulation thickness is 50 mm.

2. The air curtain is installed at the inlet and outlet of the oven to reduce heat loss to the workshop;

3, good temperature control, automatic temperature control system uses temperature sensor and digital display temperature controller to achieve automatic temperature control, to ensure the average temperature difference in the furnace ≦ 5 ° C;

4. The heat source is equipped with a high temperature resistant filter to ensure the cleanliness of the hot circulating air and improve the coating quality;

5. The conveyor is equipped with a temperature thermal expansion joint in the furnace to ensure the straightness of the conveyor at different temperatures in the furnace to ensure the efficient operation of the conveyor at high temperatures.

4.2 Steel drum high speed exterior coating spray booth system

The company's steel barrel high-speed spray booth system is a special automatic spraying equipment for steel drum products. It can be designed according to customers' product size, output and surface quality. It has high output, stable spraying, good quality and environmental protection.

Basic technical parameters:


Steel drum specification

For exampleØ570*(900-910)


Maximum production capacity

720 pieces / hour


transfer speed

Variable frequency conversion


Spray room exhaust air volume



Spray room air supply

26000m3/h (frequency adjustable)


Circulating pump

45 m³/h





Air purification level



Spray system

Imported automatic airless spraying system (Nosin, USA)

First, the spray booth system

The spray booth system is mainly composed of spray chamber chamber, paint mist treatment device, delivery and exhaust air.

The spray booth of the company adopts the water curtain scroll spray booth. The front and both sides are provided with glass observation windows, which are beautiful and generous; the air volume of the sending and exhausting fans is adjustable, which can effectively prevent the paint mist from overflowing, purify the painting environment and improve the painting quality. The paint mist treatment device is composed of a water curtain, a scroll paint spray processor, a water retaining plate and a gas water separator, and has the characteristics that the paint booth wall is not easily polluted, the paint mist treatment effect is good, and the environment is environmentally friendly.

Second, airless spray system

The company uses the Nordson airless spray system imported from the United States. It consists of a spray gun, a paint delivery system and a color change system.

1. It has high spraying efficiency. It is usually several times that of air spraying, and the coating is thicker, which is especially suitable for painting lines with large spraying area, high output and high speed.

2. The coating quality is good and the coating adhesion is good. Since the paint is sprayed onto the surface of the substrate after being pressurized, it can be sprayed on the corners and depressions.

3. Since it is not atomized by air, the paint mist is less, which reduces environmental pollution.

4. A variety of paints and other coatings can be applied to the "Coated-4" viscometer for less than 100 seconds. Due to the high viscosity and high solid content of the paint sprayed by high pressure spraying, the utilization rate of the paint is high, and the amount of the diluent is saved.

Third, the conveyor system

The steel barrel conveying part of the company's spray booth adopts step-type vertical conveying. It consists of a step-by-step transmission rotating mechanism and a stationary rotating mechanism.

Fourth, the electronic control system

The whole system is controlled by PLC. The human-machine interface uses 12-inch color touch to display the status of each process segment in real time. The system has the functions of interlocking, interlocking, detecting, monitoring, fault prompting and exhausting heat dissipation, reasonable layout, stable operation and operation. Easy to use and safe to use.

2. The control panel of the electric control cabinet has clear signs and reasonable layout. The key components are imported famous brand products (temperature control instrument selects Japan Fuji; button, circuit breaker, contactor selects France Schneider; inverter selects Delta brand), domestic components All are famous products, energy saving and excellent.

4.3, steel barrel flow chamber system

The flow chamber is a section of the sealed chamber that enters the curing oven after the steel barrel is painted. After the steel barrel painting is completed, the paint needs a certain time for leveling and solvent evaporation, which can effectively improve the film thickness uniformity of the paint surface, and prevent the paint film from appearing orange peel, wrinkles, silk lines, pitting, etc. due to poor fluidity. Hold up and other circumstances.

In the case of strict requirements on the surface quality of the paint, the leveling chamber needs to meet the constant temperature in the room, and the clean exhaust air needs to be replenished with clean fresh air, and the indoors are clean and have sufficient leveling time.

The leveling chamber wall panel and the preheating furnace are all rock wool color steel plates. When the temperature requirement is not high, there may be a glass observation window and an inspection door. The air supply must be filtered through the filter cotton to ensure a slight positive pressure inside the room to prevent dust from entering.